Internal error generating code for blocks - trying to add new blocks

Good afternoon everyone.
This screen has started to appear in all my students works when they’re trying to modify something in their blocks. Can anyone help me with this?Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 4.51.57 PM

Can you show what blocks you are putting together right before that error first appears?


It happen with whatever block I want to change. Even if i want to change a name from the dropdown on a block. That problem started yesterday. All my students have the same issue in their account. We are using the Any component blocks AND others of course.

Can you add a screenshot of what blocks you are adding? It’s impossible for us to replicate the problem if we can’t see what’s going on.

Hi everybody!

I had the same problem in a code that’s was working fine before. I builded the code again block by block and I find the error when I added the instruction:


as you can see in the red circle of the following picture:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks. However, I couldn’t realize about the error. I’ve decided to start a new project with the idea that work well this time.
Thanks everyone for your support.

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@romerofreire7z3 Thanks, for the example. It helped me narrow down what’s going on. As a temporary fix, if you put the from Column clone set Visible to true block higher in that stack of blocks (just don’t make it the last one), you shouldn’t get the error.

I’m looking into fixing the error.


@romerofreire7z3 @edwar.sepulvedap3l4 Thanks for posting about the bug in the forums. It should be fixed now. Let me know if you still have issues with it.


I have decided to try thunkable, I had designed a login screen and as I went through the programming blocks everything stopped. Now when I open the app I see the project on its design screen but when I access the blocks it never loads the page.

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Don’t give it up! The admins have been doing dome updates over the last week!

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even i get the same thing as i add blocks
it shows “Internal error generating code for blocks
Please notify Thunkable support. You can undo your latest change to avoid this error.”
pls help

It’s often a matter of disconnecting blocks until you find the one causing the problem. Someone above had an issue with a clone/create block. I’ve had this issue with stored variables in a list block.

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So how can we ignore it
because when it shows that message my codes don’t work

You can’t ignore it. You have to fix it. Which means disconnecting blocks until you find the cause. If you disconnect a block and the error does not appear then that was the block causing the problem.

You can also post a screenshot of your blocks and we can suggest some things to check.


ok i
i will send u a screenshot

When I add the circled blocks it shows the error message

I have also replaced those blocks twice but still it shows the error message
I am working on a Medi chat app

Okay, my guess is that you have a variable type conflict. For example, if you initialize a variable as a list and then try to put text into the variable instead of a list.

How are you initializing those two variables?


Remove the apostrophe from the variable name. This will solve the issue


thank you

Thank you