An irritating error in Thunkable

When I do any changes to my code then it shows this error -


I can not do any changes when this error is there and it also stopes autosaving in that that’s an big error I think

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Do you have any variables
If yes kindly send a photo of them

We need to know exactly what change you’re making to your blocks when this error appears. Are you dragging a stored variable somewhere? Are you selecting a data source?

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I have had this before when there is a blip in connection, usually solved with a hard refresh.

This is not irritating at all. This is protecting you from using unacceptable code blocks.

The most common situations are:

  • When you are trying to connect two blocks together that are not compatible such as a List Viewer with a simple object block.
  • If you have named a variable and used an illegal character in the name such as the apostrophe (example of an illegal variable name : user's email).

Check you do not have one of these situations or share your blocks or your project link for others to help you.

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