[Company Update] Thunkable enables 3 million creators and closes $30M in Series B Funding!

Hi everyone,

WeiHua Li and I have some exciting news to share – today we announced that we’ve served 3 million Thunkable Creators and raised $30M in Series B funding, led by Owl Ventures. We are also thrilled to have the continued support from our early investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and PJC, along with many others.

I wanted to personally extend a huge thank you to our Community. Thank you to our creators and partners for choosing Thunkable to make your ideas and businesses into a reality.

@wei and I have been building Thunkable for the better part of a decade and this round of funding is further proof that the future will be built by the no-code creators like yourselves. Our core belief is that good ideas can come from everywhere, and Thunkable is poised to make digital creation and innovation accessible to everyone.

The support of these top-tier investors will allow us to expand our team, services, and community to make that possible. You can check out our blog to learn more about the Series B funding round and for some exciting initiatives we’ll be ramping up: Announcing Thunkable’s Series B Funding

Today I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. Needless to say, I am so proud of our Thunkable team for this huge milestone. If you are interested in joining us, check out our careers page. We’re hiring (thunkable.com/#/careers) across the board!

Arun and @wei


It’s great to hear that your hard work has paid off in additional funding. I’m glad that Thunkable will be able to move forward with more improvements. Here’s hoping an already great product will become simply amazing!


Thank you for the kind words @tatiang !


Congratulations Thunkable.
It’s always Nice to see such An amazing no-code tool grow.


Congratulations on having reached the milestone of 30 million lenders, you deserve it for your great work and for your platform, which is really excellent.
When thunkable was free I was also part of the developers of thunkable, and like me millions of developers, but now I can’t afford to pay the required amount, so in honor of your achievements, make sure that other potential financiers who have not been able to become one, they can do it, bring the subscription fee to 10 euros per month and we will surely become 100 million thunkable developers in a short time.


In the news


Thanks all for the kind words all. Looking forward to doing more together in the coming years!


May be this is the time to reduce the cost of the memberships :sweat_smile:


Congratulations! I hope you can now work on optimizing the performance of the applications you develop in Thunkable, adding many more components and the option to add extensions.


Very happy with the funding Thunkable has received. So I ask if it will now be planned to expand the graphics and animation options of the Canvas. I Develop educational software and graphics, a nice set of component, is necessary. Thanks


Amazing, I love how quick you can get to working apps running on iOS and Android. No more downloading and loading apk’s, it’s straight from the blocks in your browser to live on the phone.

The funding should go a long way to widen the reach and getting everyone designing:

  • My company builds custom silicon devices, with the BLE we can roll out demos and prototypes to customers quicker than ever
  • Even more exciting, there is a whole STEM initiative that enables us to teach kids about connecting with real devices. This clearly is the coding learning platform to encourage more students into STEM.

This is awesome news! I hope to continue working on this platform for many, many years to come! I know I’ve said it a lot already, but it never gets old…so very thankful for Thunkable! :blush:


Congratulations on the awesome milestone!


Some things I’d like to see implemented in the future:

  1. Allow users to collaborate on a single project simultaneously. This would be a great feature for teachers to use with students and for small businesses to use when developing apps.
  2. Add versioning and back ups of projects. As it is, we have to keep copying projects each time we make edits and it’s hard to manage the list of projects. Single projects would have version history as in Google Docs.
  3. Add better support for Bluetooth devices. There seems to be a fair amount of interest in this and it’s difficult to connect them to Thunkable.
  4. Improve the documentation. It goes without saying that one of Thunkable’s strengths is the community of forum users who offer their knowledge and advice. And while the documentation is generally helpful, there are lots of missing pieces such as in some cases a lack of viable screenshots of blocks or links to sample proejcts to demonstrate each component.
  5. Improve the Drag & Drop interface so that it contains all of the features of the Snap to Place interface including cloning/all component blocks. Retire the Snap to Place interface. It’s confusing to new users to have two active interfaces with separate UI, features and documentation.
  6. Make it possible to set any property of a component using blocks. Right now, it seems like we can set about 25% of the properties of any given component dynamically using blocks. So that’s a limitation.
  7. Vastly improve the Canvas or remove it. It’s clunky and odd that it’s a separate world within a project. I’d love to see it integrated better and make the whole feature more intuitive and user-friendly.
  8. Make components more universal or add a universal component. A button should have all of the events (click, long click, etc.) that a label has and visa versa. Or else there should be a “catch all” component that has every possibility available and we can use that when needed. This could also be the case for sprites. Any component such as an image or switch could use movement blocks, etc.
  9. Fix Groups. They need help! It’s awkward to manipulate them in a screen and they are missing key features that rows and columns have. Half the time when I think I’ve added a component to a group, it’s merely on top of the group outline on the Design tab screen but in the component tree, it’s not part of it. And it’s not possible to re-organize the component tree to add components to groups. So I have to drag the component out of the group outline area and back in.
  10. Add more button styles, screen transition effects, etc. that have been long asked for in the community.
  11. Ease off on some of the restrictions that were implemented with the new pricing model. Some of the decisions around downloads and web apps seem overly restrictive when compared to long-standing availability of account features prior to the change.
  12. Add more forum support staff. It’s amazing as a user to get feedback from someone like @Jared_Gibb or @jane but they can’t completely handle the volume of user requests now and assuming (and hoping!) Thunkable grows by leaps and bounds, there will need to be dedicated staff to handle this.
  13. Hire teachers as consultants. The educational side of Thunkable feels a bit forgotten sometimes and there’s a huge market for a good product (which Thunkable is) that teachers can easily understand and use as a tool with their students.
  14. Improve Figma integration. I still struggle to find Fimga imports helpful. The documentation in Thunkable is limited and it doesn’t seem to be possible to convert imported shapes/objects into fully-functional/native Thunkable components.
  15. Templates allowing us to pre-set where components will be on all screens. Also the ability to copy one or more components at a time from one screen to another screen or to multiple/all screens at once.