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I am having scrolling issues with an app I am trying to build. I have set my screen scrollable to true. The screen then scrolls fine when I test on the IOS companion live testing app (Thunkable Live X), but it bunches everything up and doesn’t scroll when I compile and download the app onto my iPhone. The following are two screenshots, the first from the live companion app where scrolling works, and the second from the compiled and downloaded app that doesn’t scroll.

I have read many posts in the attempt to try and fix this, and most posts I have come across recommend putting elements in a column and setting screen scrollable = false and column scrollable = true (for example [Solved] "Screen= Scrollable" & "Column=Scrollable" Is Not Working - #17 by drted). However, I am using the latest Thunkable x platform (not the old Thunkable classic platform), and I cannot find the column feature anywhere. I have attempted to put my elements into groups but it is still not working.

Am I missing something, is there still a column feature in Thunkable x that I should be using, and if so where do I find it? Or is there an alternative way to fix the scrolling issue? The following screen shot shows my available components and I cannot find the Column component.

I would really appreciate any assistance in this matter.

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Oh sorry I should mention it with the BETA drag and drop screen, which is why I think I can’t find the column component.

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When you are on your mobile device, make sure you can see this scroll bar at the end (side) of the screen.

Make sure you can see this:

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I can see the scroll bar on Thunkable Live X but not on the compiled and downloaded version (scrolling bar is absent and screen won’t scroll).

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Ask someone else to help. I don’t know.

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I actually think it’s a bug with the Drag and Drop interface, might have to remake the app using the old interface.

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Can you share a project link? I haven’t experienced this yet but would be happy to check it out and try to compile a helpful bug report for the team to address.

Thanks Jared, here is a link to the project:

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I downloaded your project as Android and the screen is OK
See the GIF

Thanks @chantel.elstonx9f

Ive just requested and am now waiting on the download! I’ll touch base with info and screenshots later.

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Hi! @chantel.elstonx9f

I can say that I saw the same issues on my iPhone. I can also confirm that the issue is resolved once you place your elemnts into groups. I don’t yet understand the underlying tech, but for some reason your elements will maintain their positions much better when placed into a group.

See below

I have started the process for you here

i put the logo and tagline in a group. I also placed the buttons in a group. You can see that the two thigns in groups look nice while the other inputs and labels are funky looking. Place those in a group and you should be good to go!

Using groups is best practice to place items on your screen. Unfortunately, when you don’t use these recommended tools you may not get the desired result. Please do make those conversions and check back if you are still experiencing issues.


Hi @muneer and @jared - yes it’s strange. The scrolling didn’t work on my iPhone, but worked on my partners (who has a different, smaller iPhone). I also tried an Android version and the scrolling didn’t work, so I’m surprised to see it worked on you Android @muneer. Seems to be a hit and miss with which devices the scrolling works on which is a bit of an issue. I will try and group the elements and see if it works but I’m doubtful. On each of the submission pages, I grouped the elements, and it worked much better, but then the groups kept overlapping with each other. Think the layout issues with this BETA version is definitely the Thunkable team needs to sort out. And think I will inevitably have to remake the app using the old interface… Thanks very much for both of your input.


Would you be willing to reshape the project now that you’ve updated and added the groups? I’ll test and check it out again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jared - I have gone through the process of grouping all components and still the issues remain. The log in screen looks good now, but the Home screen still bunches and appears without the scroll, and both the Eggcase submission and Animal submission screens scroll but the groups completely overlap each other.

Here is the latest version:

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