Column Overlapping Problem

Hey everyone!

I want a column to overlap a ton of images, columns, and rows only for a short time. How do I do that? The main image has 40 smaller images on it. And the smaller images have a margin in negative numbers to overlap the main image. I tried to add a column, but all the smaller images got misplaced. As soon as I deleted the second column, everything came back to normal again. Please help?

Yours, Veda, 7th grade, DAV School, Hyderabad-72, India.

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Hi Veda, are you actually using Thunkable X, not Classic, which is no longer available? (I’m going to move your post, since I’m pretty sure that’s the case.)

To help us help you, please provide some more information. Are you using the old interface (Snap to position) or the new interface (drag and drop)?

Can you provide a screenshot with what your current setup looks like in the designer and explain more what you want it to look like?

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Hi Veda,

As a teacher and a parent I feel the need to let you know you really shouldn’t put personal information on public Internet sites like this. I’d recommend you remove your school name, city and last name (if visible).