There's a thunkable bug in my app. i might need staff help

hey, my app randomly started jamming everything into a ball as if there’s a row or column visible, but there is not!

ill send a link to the staff as evidence. id like to see if we could rollback the app or something like that please.

This is one reason I save multiple versions (copies) of my projects. It’s a pain to manage the list view of all this copies but I can at least go back a few steps if something goes haywire.

I hope this gets resolved for you.

thing is, i didn’t even do anything, to my knowledge. it just started happening…

I realize that but technology is unpredictable so it’s always good to have a backup.

no, legit, classes started and i just came back a week later to it just doing it, i’m trying to get it sorted now.

This description is too hard to understand in order to help IMO. Can you include screenshots of your code/settings or a link to the app?

okay, i’m doing a business thing with mine, so i don’t feel comfortable. sharing what it looks like

HOWEVER! i figured out the issue.

for whatever reason, when you set scroll-able to true on a column and make it invisible, it refuses to be invisible and stays there effectively chopping everything in half.

not sure why, but whatevs.

hope the staff read this at some point and take a look at that part of the program.

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