Cloud variable implementation question


i have created variable using cloud but seem not really cloud because it only show in one device. if view other device the result is not reflected. below is my block and, advice me if something wrong with it.
screen 1



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Cloud variables are used in conjunction with Firebase.

Have you supplied the required keys to connect to your Firebase database and store the cloud variable in it?

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You can still use our Firebase (while testing anyway!) @muneer so that shouldn’t affect functionality.

@ozel1978, on screen2 can you talk us through what your GetCell block is supposed to do?

I’d recommend adding an a label for error handling/debugging during development. (You can always hide this label when you’re ready to ship to production)


i want to get specific number from airtable so i am using it getcell.

how to adding label for error?

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You are using cloud variable number which actually contains the index of the list in the list viewer. Is this correct?

In this case the rowID of Airtable is very different than the value of the cloud variable and will not provide any data.

Will this give the functionality of accessing the variable in different devices (using Thunkable cloud)? Or at least this is what I understood from the post.

I was under the impression that Thunkable cloud will have the cloud variable functioning but the app will not be able to share the data or retain the data between sessions.


yes you right i was not key in api key and database url at setting page. right after that message can view from any different platform.

however new issue occur come in . message 1 does not send to message 2 and from 2 to 3. it was worked before api key issue.

i provide full block incase you guys saw where it stuck.





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I can see from your code that when you open the screen named setting you set the 3 variables to the text of the 3 buttons.

The code is detecting any change in the variables but I do not see any code to change the variables.

In screen2 you are changing variable que1(only if you can get the content from Airtable) but when you go to Screen setting you are resetting it back on the screen open code.

Maybe I’m wrong but this is what I see from your blocks.

this block perfectly executed but i have different design so i try simulate from this block.


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Yes, this screen does everything with cloud variables in addition to a text field and a button (share) to start the process.

When you click on [share] button it will assign the text in the buttons to the cloud variables and whatever in the text field [chatinput] to one of the buttons. The next thing is to clear the content of the [chatinput] which will trigger the change event to have the text to move up one button.

i am absolutely understand on this technique when it implemented in single page.
but for multiple page i could not figure it out.

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Hi All,

i figure it out how to solve the issue, probably kind of ugly but it worked. in screen1 same as previous and at screen 2 i am doing solution who on single page and at screen 3 i just initialize what i am doing in screen2. here the block and thank you for suggestion and advice.


The trick is to start with the screen that has the initialize or change block to activate the listeners then your magic will work.

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So, I’m trying to work with cloud variable and I’ve checked things, but I must be doing something trivial wrong.

I’ve copied this video:

And created this code: Thunkable

Anyone see what I’m missing?

I’m assuming I can use the Live Test as one of the ‘apps’ that are running and sharing the variable.

Thanks for the help!

About what? It’s helpful if you explain what you expect to happen and what actually happens.

I can tell you that when I Live Test your project in a browser, it saves and retrieves the text I input.

When I use my device and the live test, neither side sees what is the shared information. In other words, the cloud variable appears like a stored variable and is not really shared across the cloud.