A doubt regarding cloud variables

I’m making an app in the Drag and Drop UI, and was unable to find FIREBASE RTDB, so I had to resort to cloud variables. I have initialized it to room, but have changed it here to room/ from input1 get text. Does this make sense? Would Thunkable recognize this as a name-change of the initialized variable? Sorry if I’m not clear, I’ve not worked with cloud variables. I have used the join block the same way we use keys with the RTDB. I couldn’t initialize the variable with a join block, because there’s no way we can Thunk it in the input for the variable name.
My app is a hangman app where one user can provide the word, it gets sent to the device of the other user in the same room, and the user has to guess that word, and vice versa. While the hangman part (limbs and setting text) are all done, I’m confused on how to send the word from one user to another.
Any suggestions would be really helpful!

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that is all cloud and you can add data base listener and once data changed then it will fire that the data has changed

I don’t think that’s possible with Cloud Variales.

Thanks, but that was not my question. My question was whether Thunkable would recognize my variable even with a join block.

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instead of join use object


and of course I don’t know how to use object

I’m sorry, I didn’t get you.

oh sorry! I am really sorry and I understood this question in a different way and do you simply mean to change the variable’s name when some text was submitted in the input?

Yes. This is what I want my app to do:

ok and I found nothing helpful in docs and I think :thinking: it can’t be possible right now and we can’t simply change the variable’s name and I suggest instead of using a cloud variable you can use a google sheet and google sheets were also cloud database-like components only

That is not possible: I’m using the Drag and Drop UI

come on it was possible I will give you screenshot too


Thank you very much! Let me try this

oh! sure

Happy Thunking!

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You can use any values including variables, text input fields, text strings, etc. within a cloud variable name. If the cloud variable exists in Firebase, it will update the value to whatever you put in the last puzzle piece (currently blank in your screenshot). If it doesn’t exist, it will create the variable and set its value.

Take a look at your firebase console’s realtime database before and after running a set of blocks like that.

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Thanks! Does that work just like a key, then?