Cloud based To Do list, part 2

If you’re following along with the To Do list series, here’s the first part:

The next thing we need in our to do app is the ability to mark things as “Done”


To do this we’re going to draw a line through the text, just like the icon for this sample project below.

Since there is no block to change the line-through property dynamically, we’re going to improvise (H/T to @Steven for suggesting this)

Essentially we need two labels, one for plain text and one for line-through text that we can show/hide as need in our blocks.

To find the line-through property, go to Advanced > Text Style > Text Decoration Line


The blocks themselves couldn’t be simpler. Pressing the switch simply hides one label and shows the other:

Bonus: Better Blocks!

We always encourage you to be as economical with your blocks as possible, so in the interest of optimisation, here’s a more efficient way of doing the exact same as the image above;

We also have a TextInput that can be used to change the label text. The only thing to note is that both the plain-text and the line-through labels need to be changed.

This will form the basis of our dynamic To Do list app in part 3.

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Part 3

what happened to the rest :laughing:


It’s on my to do list :joy:


Nice one! :joy: :joy_cat:

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@domhnallohanlon Hey! I really liked this idea but I wanted to also begin experimenting with privacy using the cloud variable. Please check this out and let me know what you think. There’s obviously room for growth!

I welcome all feedback or suggestions!

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