[Solved] Is there any way to loop thru labels, buttons or switches?

Is there ANY way to loop thru switches, text-boxes, labels or buttons?

Can they be put into a list somehow?

I’m sure the answer is, “No.”, but I thought I’d ask. Using 25 switches and labels on three different screens is pretty tedious when making changes. And just the sheer number of blocks slows everything down. I have to use 3 screens instead of just one or wait 3-4 minutes for the “save”.

Yes (most likely) using an any component block can produce a list of all (insert component type) on any given screen.


I always wondered what the purpose was for “Any Component”, I could have figured it out if I’d actually read all the documentation. That’s gonna save me a bunch of time…except the part where I now need to re-write my entire app. :upside_down_face:

Thanks Jared, if I was going to have any more kids, I’d name one after you. :joy:


There are a couple of examples in the #thunkable-tutorials section too.

Something like this might be helpful @mrtwocanes?