Array of components

Is it possible to make an array of components in Thunkable X, like in App Inventor?

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Hi @mchr70,

How many components are you trying to change? At the moment this isn’t possible, but I’d be interested to know what your use case is for this.

For example, I have 20 labels and would like to load their text from a database, in a loop. Currently, I have to repeat the same block 20 times. Also, I would like to load the value of 20 switches from the same database.

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Hi ,
If we have array of variable then it would be very help full to maintain bulky thing. Like i am making parking app in that i have 30 parking slots so i need an array of let’s say X[0…20] then i can replace it anywhere and very systematic way to have it.
Thank you.

yes, is there a way where we can store multiple information in only 1 variable or storing data that is not on screen 1 but is in screen2?

Use a list or an object with properties.

thank you that was helpful