Question about size and position of switches

I am working with this tutorial -:

I want someone to tell me that if i can increase the size of the switches
Any other idea for bringing them next to each other.

Even, The switches in the copy of the app given in the description are not next to the labels.

Also tell me if i can add numbering to the labels.

Please Reply,
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Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no way right now to change the size of switches. To make sure that labels and switches are next to each other, you can add a row that they both generate into. Which labels would you like to add numbering to?

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Thanks for reply,

I want to add numbering to all the labels( in Normal list viewer or Data viewer list)

Example of a Switch with a custom size.

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Amazing alternate
But can we do same when making new swithes in any component

Is this a separate question @tobi or should the switch also change the value of the label somehow?

Are you using labels or listviewers?

Yes, It is a separate question however as in tutorial
I am trying to make a checklist app.
In that labels( which i created in any components or data viewer list ) should contain a numbering of enteries made.

Something like this might get you started @tobi

How can we do same with data viewer list?

Create a template for the desired component, and then clone it

Can you explain this more

scrColorGallery in

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If you need something simpler, see the documentation What is the Clone Block?

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