To do list bugs

Hello! I am trying to make a to do list, but it doesn’t seem to work putting stuff into the list through text input.

This is my code so far

Hello @fetele.codeaza4q :wave:
First of all cloud variables connect to Firebase so you will need to ensure you have correctly set up the keys and the rules.

Also, to see the new items on the list when you click done you shouldn’t set the variable to null because this block deletes all the data

You can find more information about cloud variables in our docs: Variables Overview | Drag and Drop | Thunkable Docs

Hello! I want the done button to erase all the data once pressed in order to ensure the fact that the to do list can be retested

Then set it to the empty list block. Otherwise this might freeze your app.

thank you for your help
i managed to fix the problem :slight_smile:

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