Clone block issue

Hi. Is there any way i can update block property after i clone block?
The block i want to clone is a column.(Column1)
Inside (column1) have:

  • 1 Row(Row1) that contain:
    + 2 Button
  • 1 Column(Column2) that contain:
    + 1 label

And i want to get the data for the 2 button in (Row1) from airtable. Also the label data in (column2) from airtable.

Reason I want to do this instead call airtable to get all row and clone x (the length row) because i only need to load 10 item at a time. since my airtable have hundreds of row it will make the app load slowly or not working. instead i only want to load data when i press on a button to load more.

Thank you.

Hey @goodrsgood

Have you considered using the Data Viewer List for this?

You can still use Airtable as you backend, but it makes the presentation step much easier.