Problems with new clone block

Hi you thunkers.
I am playing with the clone block. I try to clone the Row0 that have 1pcs. label0 and 1 pcs. button.
I am getting some data and a picture to the label and button from af airtable. But I can´t seem to get the right data in the right button and label. I like to have the right data and picture for the right ID. Do I have to use the any button and if yes how do i specify what button i pushed. I am not sure how to use the green clone block either…
I have the index 5 and 9 with the right label and picture. But how do I get the right label and picture til label0???
Can somebody please help me… And if you have any questions just ask. Thanks a lot for the help…


After cloning the component you need to create a variable that you want to save a reference to the cloned component. This link can be obtained either by a local green block component, or by using the list if cloned complex component, wherein the component is nested.