Chat In-Chat app with Sign in

Hey Thunker,
I have made a Chatapp with the sign in feature, Huge thanks to @jane for helping me make this
This is the link to my project : Thunkable
Please let me know any Suggestions


In order to avoid repeated clicks, I suggest that you wrap the login screen in a vertical configuration, with the loading icon, when you click the button to log in or register, hide everything and display the loading icon, and restore it when you are done!
On the other hand, I think that resetting the password does not need to use a new screen, and directly use the vertical configuration of login. When the reset password is clicked, just delete the text in the password input box and call to reset the password, and finally prompt the user!
It is also recommended that you do not directly navigate to other pages, you should use navigation tools (stacked navigation is better, because the page can be closed, but you may need to log out and log in on the same page to control account management; or use drawer navigation, it It allows users to switch by themselves, so write a program to prevent it. For example, when logging in, set the app variable to uid to log out and the default value to null. Whenever you open the registration page, check once and find that there is a login and navigate to the app page. …) This will prevent accidental shutdown

Firebase The listener can only be used by 200 people at a time

Okay, Can you show me how to do it please???

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Ok, wait

I’m done. Click me to get

Thanks for the shout-out! I love the gradient you use as a background color in this app, it’s very striking :red_circle::large_orange_diamond: :yellow_square:

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Thank you Tony for the help, really appreciate it

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