Change Row background image

I am building an app but when i put an image background in the row but it doesn’t show on the phone.
Can you please help me figure this out?


I will answer your question, but I ask you the next time create a new topic. Otherwise, users will be confused - the theme topic one, and in it there is a discussion that does not belong to it.

If you give a link to your project, we will be able to see it.

Previously, there was a problem with the background image display in Row. I recently checked my bug tracker to see that the background image is displayed in the Row. I thought that the problem is solved in the latest update, and remove it from svoegsho bug tracker. Apparently, the problem was not solved until the end or you have not updated to the latest version of Live.

Hi. Im migrating at thunkable x and now im still learning and trying, some new stuff differ in classic, about designing im a bit hard why row background when i tried to use an image dont proportion fit… im having a hard time in designing but in blocking i can manage. Please share about column and row background using image