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hey but kodular has same push notifications component. problem with aia i guess

no actually the thunkable has named the push notification thunkable push notification and kodular has named just push notification so it cant identify the word thunkable… i guess

So is their not any way to remove push notification component only …?

i guess ya if we need to use it then the developer had to make it in kodular or mit app inventor

Okay! But I think developer is not going to make it again in Kodular or Mit App inventor…

But both are powered by one signal

but its original name by thunkable is thunkable push notification and kodular’s original name is just push notification

i got the code

how?? did you get

from there

thank you @eko.devs.apploroceo !

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Hi I have moved my app from thunkable classic to kodular but due to admob banner component i m not able to open the app in kodular. Is there a way i can delete that component

see all the blocks using

I did that found Ad banner is not compatible. want to delete that component. is there way?

get all the codes that are visible and then add the banner again in kodular

that means i have to start from scrap

yes you need to make it again!

@gaz360 it also answered in kodular community

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