Can't get the for loop to work

Hi! I’m a beginner in using no codes programming. So, I wanted to create an app where people can buy and sell products. When someone wants to sell smth, he creates an announcement (is it the right word?) where he writes down all information about the product. Then this information is saved in airtable. Also, all row ids after the creation of announcements are saved to another table. To see all announcements you can go to the home page. There are two buttons to filter your and others’ products. So I created a loop, which checks if the user is the same one, who created those announcements, and if someone already bought it. However, it doesn’t seem to work. I cant understand where’s the problem. Or maybe I’m doing this wrong? I would really appreciate your help, cuz it’s my assignment due on Sunday. Sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Welcome to Thunkable! Please understand that your rush to finish your assignment does not mean anyone here has to rush to help you. That being said, there are many helpful people who may have suggestions.

To figure out why your loop is not working, make sure you are displaying intermediate values. That is, when you set a variable, before using that variable to test a condition, first display it in a label. Check every variable value to make sure it is the value you expect it to be.

This will help you narrow down which part of your blocks is causing the problem.

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thank you for your reply! An I’m sorry if I sounded disrespectful in any way. It was never my intention. I actually checked all my variables, and all of them work fine. I used Airtable to store row ids, so I can check if its being displayed/used right. Fortunately, they’re(row ids) correct.

You didn’t sound disrespectful. It’s just that sometimes people post on the forums and then are very impatient when people try to help them. Most of us here are just users as well, volunteering our time to help out others.

You have a condition that says if app variable uniuserid = app variable user_id. Where/how are you setting the value of app variable user_id?

And if you step through your “for each item j in list” loop (for example by including a wait block inside the loop), what is the problem you’re experiencing? For example, if the two variables are equal, does it change the data viewer list to invisible? And if they are different, does it change the list to invisible?

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user_id variable is set when user logs in or signs up for the first time.
I just tried to use pauses in my loop, and I came to conclusion that app cant get the value from airtable with row id. When the loop comes to the part where uniuserid is set to get value from Airtable, the loop stops. How can I change it?