Cannot copy one of my project

Which version of Android is on your device?

Can you make log errors using adb? I think this will help developers to understand the problem more quickly.

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I have Note5 V.7
I’m sure if you use components in the column and try to set space-between or around it will crash.
I have 25 buttons in the column.
Don’t you figure out a way to hide the column with its buttons?

I see a problem with the buttons on the hidden Column. Do you want to do this - cover all the buttons in Column with an opaque Column with absolute positioning?

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Set also the width of Column = 0.

In my app when this column will be hide another column should be shown to show a text. It is Full container as well.
Column1 = hide
Column2 = visible

Clear. Try this: Column.height = 0 Column.width = 0 Are the buttons gone or still visible?

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Still visible.

As an experiment, try to hide one button, setting its size = 0. Does the button disappear?

I set the minWidth of column to 0 and they are all hidden. But how can I set the minWidth to 100% again in the blocks. Because the column is scrollable.

There is another solution - by means of an auxiliary lever (Column) to nominate Columns from the edge of the screen. That is, initially the Column is outside the screen (x = -10000px), and the width of of an auxiliary lever = 0, then set the width of an auxiliary lever = 10000 and Column will be nominated at the screen.

I must set minWidth to 100% to make the column scrollable again. Is there any way to set minWidth to 100% in the blocks?

We have no minWidth block.

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Well if I hide the column with its buttons then I cannot return it to scrollable because minWidth is 0% if I set minWidth to 100% the it will be scrollable and I cannot hide the buttons. Hhhhhhhhh
What do you mean by x=-10000 would you explain your idea please with more details?
Does it work with different devices screens cos you set with pixels.

Here’s my idea.

Using the auxiliary column, we push and push back Columns.

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Show you an example or did you understand my idea?

Simply put, here absolute positioning is used with the aid of an auxiliary column, in which the width changes.

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Would you please make a simple project that explain your idea so I can understand it very well.


Just to inform you, I have two columns one on under the other.
Column1 which has 25 buttons
Under it
Column2 which has the main text that shows the details of presidents.
I’m trying to hide one and show the other in full screen. And vice versa

Column2 what components does it contain? Only one large text area?

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By the way, why do not you want to use Stack Navigator?

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