Can my both community accounts be merged into one?

Hello everyone :wave:

I have two accounts in here.
My currently active account is this one. - @kartik14
The inactive one is @kartik_old.

I have some good progress on the inactive one…
So, can the Staff / admins / moderators combine @kartik_old into this account?

If the merging is not possible, can you increase these figures -

The red-box from he first image, should be added to the red-box in the second image.

Thanks :blush:

This should be need to ask Discourse does it possible to merge them :thinking:

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Nice Idea! :+1:

Thanks! :blush:

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Discourse has a built-in command to merge accounts but it can only be done via the console which only the admins have access to.


Brilliant! :heart_eyes:

That’s perfect for me, :blush:

@domhnallohanlon, @Mark might have access to this :thinking:

Thanks a ton, @conor & @BlueWhaleYT ! :blush:

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Can you please carry out the Rake Task with @kartik_old & @kartik14?

No urgency, your priorities first :smile_cat:
But please just confirm me that it’s possible or not :blush:

Thanks a lot! :blush:

Umm, Any updates to this?


Any updates on this?

Again, you may take your time.
Thanks! :blush: