Is there a Community API

Is there an API for the Thunkable Community that we could integrate into our apps? I want to be able to create topics/PMs on this community from my app. Is this possible?

yes these communities are made using discourse
if u wish to u can refer these docs for better understanding
If u need any help do ask

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No, I want an API specifically for the Community to integrate in my app.

uhh sorry i dont know where u get the api

try this or use discord apis … it like communities almost

I don’t want to make my own community. I want to use THIS community.

i think u need to code it

Exactly, but how do I create topics/PMs from inside the app?

i will just get to you back soon
i need to do some research


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You need to have the address of the community you are trying to access in addition to an API key and username from the community administrator to be able to access the posts in the community.

For example:

To execute a GET API on Thunkable community you will need access to a URL provided by the administration of the community similar to:

In the Web API component you will need to provide the key and username.

Api-Key: 714552c6148e1617aeab526d0606184b94a80ec048fc09894ff1a72b740c5f19

Api-Username: codeswept

Of course the data presented are only example.

If you run the URL, you will get

{“errors”:[“The requested URL or resource could not be found.”],“error_type”:“not_found”}

Which means the API is working but you need permissions and credentials from Thunkable.


Thanks a lot… Do you know where can I get all my details from? This is what I’m getting, with the credentials from your post:

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First of all, what I posted was a sample which is my credentials in another community. You will need to get yours from Thunkable if they allow it.

The error message you are getting is due to the API is not compatible with the Web Live Test. You should run it from the mobile test app.


Thanks @muneer ! Should I reach out to @domhnallohanlon to get my own?

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I don’t know if Thunkable allows this but you need to get the green light from Thunkable directly.

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The API key I posted is the default key for Discourse, however the community site I tried works fine with this API key.

I don’t know if the same case applies to Thunkable but the team should be able to guide you if this operation is allowed by Thunkable.

Happy Thunking!

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Thanks so much for all your help!

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