Can I use MediaDB in the new UI?

Loving the new features, however, it’s very laggy for me right now. Are you doing away with the media BD? I was using that to upload images and obtain URL’s.

@Tina_Fountain You can use the new “url from uploaded file” block to obtain URLs for uploaded images.

Then at the bottom of Project Settings, you can input your cloudinary credentials.


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If I use these blocks (legacy) and take a photo as fast as I possibly can, the resulting difference in time from the time I tap the button on my phone in Thunkable Live to the time it updates the label value is anywhere from 7 to 14 seconds.

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@paulmw & @domhnallohanlon,

Using the web preview on a new 64 bit Dell laptop with Windows 10 on a wifi connection, the camera takes about 4 seconds and cloudinary takes 1-2 second. Note, the camera doesn’t actually prompt, it just take a photo. These results are pretty consistent across multiple trials.

Using a Android Live Test on a Galaxy S20 on the same wifi connection, the camera complete time varies from 4-6 second depending on how quick I am to accept the photo. The Cloudinary upload occasionally runs as fast as 3 seconds, but generally takes between 6-12 seconds.


Building and running the android APK produces similar results.

Running on an ancient iPhone 6 on the same wifi connection, cloudinary times vary from 7-15 seconds (screenshot not included).

These trials would suggest the lag appears on devices and not limited to the Live Test app, but is not present in the preview.


Remix of production project

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@paulmw, @domhnallohanlon, @tatiang, @Tina_Fountain,

I built a similar app using a beta project. Same hardware as before, on the web preview, the camera takes about 4 seconds and each upload takes about 1.5 seconds.
Web Preview

The Android Live Test upload takes about 3 seconds per upload across multiple trials



So it seems like the beta version of the Media DB is substantially faster than the current implementation for physical devices. If and when the beta issues are resolved, the performance for media DB will be better.


I cant seem to get your above example to work ted, though I am testing on hospital wifi. I will try back later.

I am on an iphone11 with ios 14

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Brilliant. Thank you. This is going to allow me to teach some very complex designs lower down the school.

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