Cannot find Media DB component

I am using drag and drop. I am trying to upload an image taken with the camera to cloudinary to get image URL. But I cannot find the Media DB component to do that. Any suggestions please?

There usually isnt a media database. Can you explain a little more please? Are uploading to cloudinary via api?

I am trying to create an app that will use camera to take a photo, this photo will then need to be sent to cloudinary to get url. That will then be sent via api to a photo recognition ai model to detect image and send back a result. The thunkable tutorials say that I can send image to cloudinary to get image url using the media DB, but it does not appear on the component section

The mediaDB is outdated. Thunkable’s Drag & Drop projects now use Camera blocks. You can learn more by reading/watching the info in the documentation here: Camera Blocks - Thunkable Docs.

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Thank you for letting me know, I will read the link you said and see if I can figure it out.

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