Is the new UI laggy?

I am working on a sample app with 4 screens using this new UI. I keep seeing being transmitted data. especially when my screen is slowing down. is this just temporary. it seems like there is a lot of background network activity going on that is slowing stuff down.

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what part is lagging for your @Tina_Fountain?

You’re using Chrome, right?

I’m seeing lag, too. I thought it was due to firebase but it seems to be the cloudinary component. This is on the legacy UI, though. Still need to do some more testing to isolate the issue on my end.

What’s slowing down for you @jared? Is it just at certain (busy) times of the day or is it happening at any time/with any new UI project?

I think Tina’s original post was about the new UI @tatiang? If your tests turn up any results let us know though!

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True… I didn’t mean to hijack that topic. Just thought there might be something going on with Cloudinary. I haven’t used it much before so I’m not sure if a long delay (7-14 seconds) is typical for uploading a photo.

This post shows the blocks I’m using in the legacy UI: Can I use MediaDB in the new UI? - #4 by tatiang.

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I’d say if it’s a large photo then it probably is. Do you know the file size? (can you see that info on your Cloudinary dashboard?)

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They are straight from my iPhone 11 so yeah, pretty big:

3024x4032, 6.4 MB JPG

I’m hoping to make a photo journal where you can take a photo, type in a description, add an auto-timestamp and then see the info to confirm. But 7-14 seconds is really slow. I may have to find another way to upload a lower resolution file. It’s not like I need 6.4 MB… I could do fine with a tenth of that.

Edit: I’m thinking about seeing if I can manually use the API to upload an image with a transformation to reduce the resolution. But I’m guessing that won’t speed up the upload process – maybe even increase it – but would make accessing the photos faster.



I am running into the exact same issue

it seems to be happening anytime but particularly when I switch between screens OR switch between components on the same screen. It seems to be worse when clicking into a visible component held within a container.

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Hi there

Yes I am using chrome. When I click on an object it appears to refresh the page and takes a few scones before I can do anything with the object. If I move an object for example it will refresh and again a couple of seconds delay. I do love the interface and the ease of connecting databases. This will make teaching far easier for my secondary students.

what browser do you recommend?

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Either this is normal, or I am facing the same issue.

Please please please let us turn off seeing every screen at once. I’m working on a project with many screens and interacting is taking 5-10 seconds for the UI to respond, this is unacceptable.

Solution, in the settings of the project put a toggle to turn it off and see the screen your focused on only. Or put the button in this selector.

You can’t drag and drop elements from screen to screen so there is no reason to see them all at once anyways.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 4.44.52 PM

See this post on the same topic

Maybe we can keep the laggy bug talk about the new UI here?

2 Likes I’m moving this over here because I think you want a more responsive UI rather than a UI with fewer screens - right? Can you make a quick video of what this looks like for you?

Are you using the latest version of Chrome or Safari?

My project has 23 screens and every time you select, tweak any item on 1 screen it refreshes every screen. Even when I’m in blocks view when I move from screen to screen it seems as if it has to load every screen.

I’m pretty sure your team is aware of this limitation. Just avoid it. There is no need to load every screen every time I do something.

I went to take a screen capture but some of your servers are down or throttled way down. I’m a late night worker and always run into outages.

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Do you know the cause of laggy, because i found this problem also, i don’t know how to solve this problem

I just know that uploading a largish-ish file to cloudinary results in a delay. But I don’t know how to do anything about that.

Currently how screens are handled anytime you make a tweak, select an item, move it, change its properties, the app refreshes every screen you have in your project. This can take some time depending how many screens you have in your project.

Only fix is Thunkable changing how screen rendering works, perhaps only refreshing the screen your working on and not all of them.

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Hey Thunkers!

Drag And Drop was a much awaited feature, and would have been great but for a number of bugs I am facing when I use it:

That new UI is incredibly slow, even with perfect Internet. The keyboard is working good. I can verify that fact because I am able to type quickly when writing this. I am unable to click on a component to go to its properties. Changes are not reflecting when I change the text of a component (especially label). They are not changing in both the editor input and the label on the screen. It takes ages to open the drawers of any component, and also to add any component. It is incredibly laggy.
One of the worst things is that and app which was working well on Web Preview is not working on Live Test (device). I did not experience that ever with apps made using the old UI. Using blocks, I set the visibility of a bunch of buttons to false inside an event block. They are remaining hidden during Web Preview, but in live test, they are visible, and in a totally different position from where I placed them.

I haven’t been using the D&D for those reasons, and am sticking with the Legacy UI.
Any ideas for workarounds or solutions?