Can anyone help me to find my bug in messages by notification API

HI, I was creating an app, and in that, it should send notifications to the user without the owner’s knowledge and as to create that I used NOTIFICATION API and when I used it , the bug I don’t know and it is not even showing in the console too and this is purely non-thunakble coding and I used web-viewer to code using notification API and I used js in it and when I tried and read MDN docs and checked the internet and still, I didn’t got how to solve the bug and the bug is not shown in console too!!! and I can even give you the code snippet if needed

and I use visual studio code editor

and I just need push notification-like messages and I tried onesignal too but it showed thousands of error and I got irritated and left it

May give the snippet of the errors and code

I am not getting what does that mean by?

@drted can you help? I guess only someone who knows push notification could help me!?

Your question is probably better suited for a discussion group for whatever programming language you are using.