Building simple yes or no voting app

Hello folks! I am trying to build a very very simple application. It is a voting application. All it would do is ask ONE question that users can vote Yes or No on. The users can only vote once. They wouldn’t be able to see the numbers for yes or no til after they vote ( so as not to be swayed by the current votes.)
I am looking for pointers as i am a total noob especially regarding which data base to use. This is a looooooong term project that will span many years and potentially lots of votes. Also if in the future I have to switch platforms or hire people to build more features on the app, is there a database that will be able to keep all the votes already connected and smoothly connect it with the new build? Any suggestion and help will be much appreciated!

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In my opinion, I personally enjoy using Google Sheets because of its simplicity and ability to be used anywhere on any device.

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Okay thanks for replying!



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I suggest you Google Sheets too, if it’s such simple project.

I wouldnt recomend Airtable as it’s free until 1000 rows.

Good luck!

Thank you!

Thank you!!