Bugs in the iOS companion

Hello. So I have recently downloaded the iOS companion and there’s some problems with the app. The app stuck in the log in screen, only showing ‘sign out’ and didn’t show the message ‘go to ios.thunkable.com’ to me. And when I click on the live test, it stills stuck there. I’ve already reopened the app many times. It still didn’t take any effects. I will show the image below.

This isn’t a bug, if you signed in to your profile connected to Thunkable, you have to click “Test” at the top right corner, them it’ll come up with your project. Try singing in and out, if that foesnt work try to clear App Data, or refresh your browser.

@ENGIPLOT I was up working on some issues the site was having at that time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again.