Companion not working

my companion was frozen so I uninstall and reinstall it now it does not work I just sign up for a free trial now it does not work. I even tried it on my android phone where i had the app install months now the same issue as on my iphone .I tried different google account the same problem. Click on a project screen turn white then return to the menu. Cant live preview

Hi @Mikas_3D ,

Just to confirm - you are experiencing issues on both Android and iOS?

I’m not experiencing any issue with Android at the moment - can you try with another project, or one of our sample projects and try again please?

In relation to iOS - are you running iOS 13? Have you installed the Thunkable Live from the App Store or from test flight?


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i am not sure what ios my phone is ipone 6s yes i download it from the app store it was working before i reinstall .Yes on android phone i cleared cache and it load project for just a second then back to the start screen with different project even different google accounts

Please go to Setting > General > About to find your iOS version

Are you using navigators in your project?

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No i dont have navigators. it does the same thing with the tutorials i dont even see the tutorials listed on the iphone companion

Thanks for the succinct reply.

Can you make sure you are running v. 120 on Android?

were you able to find your iOS version?

Can you PM me a link to one of the projects you are having an issue with?

it doing the same thing to the tutorials listed to any project

Yes - I saw that in your previous post already @Mikas_3D

Would you mind answering the two questions I asked in my last post please as this will help us resolved this issue for you:

i am using the correct version it is up to date on Google play. it is somewhat working now on Android but since i am making an ios APP i would like to how it looks on my iphone still not loading but i wait an see maybe it will fix back been at this for hours now will try later this is a vid of what going on

Thank you for answering the first of my two questions.

Can you please also answer the second question?

If you answer all of our questions in a single response we will be able to get though the troubleshooting a lot quicker. (it’s been an hour already!!)


Thanks for that @Mikas_3D

From this information, I’m not 100% sure what the issue is with your version of Thunkable Live is.

Just to go back to an earlier unanswered question:

If you have any difficulties sending a PM in the community please just let me know.


i dont mean to be rude but it is with every project not one of mines especially simple anyone from public it does the same thing to all pming u my project wont show anything

As I already mentioned this morning, I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on any of my devices @Mikas_3D

I’d like to take a look at your project to see if I can identify any errors that you may have overlooked.

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Android started back working i will have to use till start back to work on ios

started back working

iOS still crashing. Worse, Thunkable does not sow up in App Store.


For the time being you should be downloading the companion from Test Flight, and not the App Store.

??? what you mean not the app store away it fixed now

Glad to hear it’s working for you now @Mikas_3D