Bug Report - Text Input on Cloned Row Updates Original Component

Hej Thunk-meisters!

I think I found a bug when cloning a Row component containing Text Input.

If you type into the upper (original) Text Input, only that component shows the change. However, if you type into the lower (cloned) Text Input, both Text Input components reflect the edit.

I hope this helps!

@domhnallohanlon @actech

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Excellent work. I’ll add it to my a bug-tracker for check fixes this bug - https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5dbd5243a77acad1b26f851f/project/properties/designer/

This bug is related not only to Row and Text Input. This is a common bug with cloned components in the row or column!

I add an extended message about this bug to Git.

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Good to know.

In case you haven’t figured a work around, you can clone invisible components and make them visible

This is still a bug and preventing any dynamic content that includes a textinput