Any component block Create group

Hello, Does anyone know what this is for?

You can read about it here.

Group is a new visible component in the Drag & Drop builder. From what I can tell, it replaces the row / column components. It allows you to provide a type of section behind other components.

You can watch my video here to learn more about Any Components:


Seems i missed the release of these drag& drop component.

Anyway, i have another question you might be able to answer. I clone a row containing one Textinput field and one button.

The cloned Textinput field behaves strange, when i input text, the text is disappearing into the original Textinput field.
I don’t have that issue if i just clone the Textinput field without row and button.

Do you have an idea how to fix this problem?

I don’t think I’ve had that issue before. Though weird things sometimes happen. Just trial and error for me to try and get something working.