A question about "Any Component" Blocks


I just wanted to ask today if it is possible to clone a row using “Any Component” blocks, and then access that rows children?



In the past, the components of a cloned row were contained in the ALL COMPONENT list. That is no longer (or at least currently the case).

To work around this issue. I

  1. set the “Template” row VISIBLE =false.
  2. Set the properties of the template row child components,
  3. clone the template row,
  4. set the cloned row VISIBLE = true
  5. reset the “template” row child component properties

kinda clunky, but it does work.



I will try it out later today!

I like to create a “slave row”. This is the model I will clone. I place that inside of a hidden column.

I clone all slaves Into the “master column”