How to save data from multiple cloned components

So I am cloning this whole column (3 text inputs and 2 buttons) which works great but, I cant seem to figure out how to save the data from each of the cloned blocks as the “clone” is of the entire column?


try the any component blocks there is the easiest way to do that what you want and how to located each data you want

Correct, that is how I am able to clone to blocks however I am unable figure out how to get the data from each cloned block as it clones them as a column.

Use the list box to access child components through an index.

Can you elaborate?

I don’t know if I did it right but this is an Idea that might help you

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I will give that a try thank you

sorry one comment was hiding a important block

LOL next time just edit your post and note the reason for the edit :slight_smile: I am heading off to work so I will test this later tonight and let you know how it works. Thank You!