[Solved] Changing nested components properties from clone

So I’m trying to clone a Column of items with rows and nest rows within. (See image below)

I’m trying to edit the properties of the eventTitle, Description and image on load. I’m able to handle editing the description as its not nested within other rows. Any idea how I would fetch those components UUIDS and edit them?


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Each row or column has components inside it. These components can be reached by using the All [component Type] from the Any components drawer.

So when you clone the column EventFeedTemplate1, the green clone block will contain all of this column.

Now you need to get All rows of the [green clone block] from the Any component drawer which should return a list. Doing this will get the cloned component of Row92 as the first element in this list.

You will have to do it again to get Row90 and then when you get All Label of the [cloned Row90] then you can manipulate the cloned eventTitle.

Hope this is clear.


Thats what I’ve been trying to figure out. I can’t work out what blocks needed to get that cloned nested ID

^ This seems to crash the app telling me to check my blocks

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Where is the All [Label] block?

Like so? Still causes it to crash

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The All [Label] list should be the outer most.

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Legend. Been stuck on this a while and had this before but didn’t clock it was the wrong way round. Thank you

Final issue I’m having with this, when trying to set that top image (EventBanner). It seems to set but is just blank. Can’t figure out why

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