Bottom cloned text input copies every other input

Update: Bottom cloned text input copies every other input - #5 by overshield
This link above is updated to my ultimate goal with other issues.

There’s actually 2 problems here.

  1. Like the title says the bottom input that ends up being created always copies everything you might put in any other input.
  2. In the setup I have created it creates twice the amount desired because of the nested for item j
    But I need the 2nd for item j to hide certain items I don’t want to see.
    I have resolved this using multiple “and” blocks and entering each item I want hidden, but this doesn’t seem like the right way to do it.

Thanks for any help
Link - Thunkable
Here’s all the blocks

@codeswept, didn’t you have this issue with cloned text inputs copying values from other text inputs? I can’t remember if it ever got resolved.

Like in this topic: Are cloned columns linked?

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Wow now I’m finding that if I navigate away from this screen, and then come back, the whole screen is blank.

I’ve solved the copying my text to the bottom input by making the row, input, and label not visible, and then applying the blocks in the yellow box below. This just prevents that bottom input from existing which solves that problem for me.

Now to problem 2 and (new) problem 3
2. The inputs are duplicated because of the nested j’s
3. Navigating away and back clears all the inputs, I don’t understand why since opening the screen in the first place doesn’t cause it.

I’m clearly doing things wrong, found a 4th problem.
It happens whenever I do a test if true for setting the text input text, once I run the app and try to edit any text it instantly removes any edits I’ve made and reverts back to whatever was in there originally.

Here’s a new link that has a more updated version of what I’m ultimately trying to accomplish.
(I’ve also somehow inadvertently solved problem #3 of navigating away and coming back with a blank screen

Yeah, I was facing the exact same thing. I don’t think it is resolved yet.

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