Get text from clone text field

I have this cloned text field, where I have wrote “Hjjvc” and I like to get the same text in the button. But it is always undefined. No matter what and how I do.

This i think is the most simple blocks to to the trick. But no luck.

Is there a thunkable bug or have I missed something.

That should work. Does it make any difference if you set the value to a label’s text instead of a button? There’s another way to do this which requires finding the component within the list of all text input blocks but it’s more complicated than what you have in the screenshot so it’s probably not going to help in this case.

I have tried that. But no matter what I do it wont get the text…
Very strange…
I tryed something like this

Here’s a demo that I made that works:

that is also a button and not a text input??

Right… I thought you wanted to take the text input string and change the name of a button to that string?

Sorry. yes you are right.
It works from the simple clone block like the one you made.
But when I try to get the text fro text input inside this block

It dont work. Can you see what is wrong with that block.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work to set the button text to the cloned text input value in our screenshot, I’m not sure without seeing your actual project.

Now I made some tests.
I have this row named “CoverTemp_row”.
I have the text field marked blue.
If I use this block where I clone the whole row with th text field inside. It DONT work.
If I use this block where I only clone the Text_Input1 it works fine.

How can I “tag” some of the Thunkable people???

That seems odd - let me see if I can reproduce this…it sounds more like a caching/updating issue?


Ok, this is where I’m at so far:

I’m able to clone the rows and get the component IDs from the cloned TextInputs, but for some reason I can’t edit the text in any of the cloned Text Inputs.

Will follow up with the team about this for your today @funhall

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Thanks a lot. I dont have problems o get the component ID but I ant get the text from that text Component ID into a variable og button text as well. Hope that is also what you mean?
Looking forward to hear from you…

If you take a look at the MWE I attached you’ll see that I haven’t even gotten that far yet. I can’t get the text from the cloned Text Inputs because I can’t edit the text there in the first place!

I’m coordinating with Jane about this at the moment - will keep you posted as I figure out more.