[Bug] Map component properties latitude/longitude lack negative values, limits

Hi @thunkable,

In the Map component designer tab, negative numbers aren’t allowed for the properties of latitude and longitude. Neither are N, S, E, and W. Negative numbers (or S) are required for latitudes south of the equator, and negative numbers (or W) are required for longitudes west of the prime meridian.

Edit: Actually I just found that you can arrow-down to get negative numbers, but you can’t type them in. But you can arrow-down fairly rapidly, so I guess we’re okay.

BTW, the value range for latitude are -90 to 0 to 90 (south pole to equator to north pole) and longitude -180 to 0 to 180 (international date line to prime meridian to international date line. Should limits be imposed on the user-entered values?


Thanks for reporting this – we’ll take a look!

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