Map boundary question

Does anyone know if it is possible within Thunkable to scale a Google map using the “bounds” properties returned by Google maps API’s like the directions JSON response. This provides bounds properties for northeast and southwest. I would like to be able to scale my maps based on these properties. Can it be done?

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Can anyone on @thunkable_staff comment on this?

I’ve used the “bounds” properties to define a map area. And since there’s a zoom value associated with maps in Thunkable, I’m going to assume it’s possible.

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Hi Tatiang. Are you saying that Thunkable supports the bounds property. If so can you tell me where I find it please.

My apologies… I was thinking I had used a bounding box with Google Maps but I actually had used it with the PurpleAir API. I realize that doesn’t help you!

No problem. Maybe it’s something thunkable_staff could consider adding?

You can always submit a feature request. See this: 📝 Bugs and Feature Requests - ✕ Docs.

Will do. Thanks