Simple Map not working

why is this simple map not working?
there’s no way to make it work.
thunkable live just freezes when I press the button


Why do you think that does not work? Scroll the map and see the work.

Scroll the map? How can I do that? the screen freezes.

It works if I simple define a zoom level :roll_eyes:

It works if I simple define a zoom level

Yes, you need to explicitly enter values ​​for the properties, because it is not always the default values ​​work in Thunkable X.

I see you have replaced the unit Open on onMapReady unit. the project is working well now?

As a simple map, it is working.
Is there a way to put visible, automatically, like an auto zoom, user location and marker?

Are you looking for this?

I understand your problem - you need to disable scrolling for the Screen. If Scrollable enabled to Screen, the map display to really trouble!

Do not use Screen.Scrollable = true if you not want to have different problems.

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