Map component sending back 'null' values (bug?)


I have more apps using maps component.
But one or two day ago such kind of events like press, long press, marker press on the map started to send back null values within the ‘nativeEvent’. When I try to read directly the ‘coordinate’ from the ‘nativeEvenet’ the apps are crashing.
Same symptome in old apps which were working in the past.
Android and IOS also tested, but same result.

Any tips (bug?) or alternatives how to get the latitude and longitude?




Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m also using a similar code, but I tried your shared code on a new app just in case.
It resulted the same. It is crashing at the point when it tries to set the ‘coordinate’ variable. :frowning:
I can get the ‘nativeEvent’ value, but not the ‘coordinate’.
‘nativeEvent’ says ‘null’ when I text it to the label.

The only difference is the “get property of object”. In my version this format not available. But I think it should be not a problem.


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I am noticing this too.

This sample crashed for me too

Can you post this to GitHub?


Yes, this is a bug!


Can you share relevant blocks of your app to give insight?

Just created a simple app for testing.

The blocks are the following:

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I agree it is also happening to me. Everytime that i am pressing the map (Onpress) in my apps, they are crashing…


It would be great to fix also the following bugs that are related to the map component:

  • The map is not updating dinamically (the new coordinates can not be taken when the user moves the map to another location).
  • The map is restarted to it´s original coordinates everytime that an event is happening (f.e. when a timer is fired or when you press a button…).

HI can you look at my topic and see if you have any questions?

Thanks for the feedback guys!
Issue already posted in Github by another person. Hopefully it will be solved soon.


I forgot I did that. If you guys can comment or leave projects in that github post to help it would be great. That helps the devs I think.

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Same problem here. Map component doesn’t work when onpress (nativeEvent, coordinate).

By the way, Map Component is very important for most app developers. For me, its inevitable to use it and some developments is needed for a better app. Such as different markers (color or icons). This would be awesome. We look forward or better use of map component.



Still with this problem… The map component is still not working :sob:

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Waiting for the addition of innovations to the system can be tolerated. However, waiting for days or even months to compensate for system deficiencies causes a serious waste of time for a programmer. While this is the case, the fact that the approximate solution date of the problem is unknown causes the platform’s legitimacy to be questioned. It is obviously frightening that a project you have been working all year hangs for days due to a simple problem. Before adding a novelty, the parts that used to work but now deteriorated must be corrected. Am I thinking wrong? @jane @actech @jared @domhnallohanlon

You think correctly, but you’re missing one crucial detail: Thunkable X is a platform for users, not programmers. If you need a platform for programmers, then use Android Studio and Kotlin, Xcode and Swift, Microsoft Visual Studio and C#, Qt and QtC++. These are high-quality development environments and reliable programming languages. If you need reliability, speed, functionality, ease of development, the ability to create large projects, joint development, high-quality applications, and more, then choose these platforms. But you, like 95% of Thunkable x users, have the main criterion - ease of creating mobile apps (and free of charge). And this is not synonymous with the word quality and reliability.

If you think that visual block development can compete with programming languages and professional development environments, then you are very much mistaken.

You need to understand that each tool is designed to solve its own problems. It is not possible to transport a load of 5 tons on a Bicycle, but this does not mean that a Bicycle is a very bad and unnecessary vehicle. Do you agree with this?

You have been working with Thuinkable X for a long time and I think that you can answer the question in which area it can be applied, and in which it is better to choose something else.

You might ask, what am I doing here? First of all, I do not create applications using Thunkable X, but only give demo examples. Secondly, I am interested in what will come out of this platform and whether the programmer can get something really interesting out of it in terms of training users to develop mobile applications. Third, I’m just interested in visual programming. I think this is a promising direction, but I do not yet see the tools that can implement it at the necessary quality level.

I like the logic behind your words. Every single word of your answer is also true. I am not a programmer. I defiantly dared to choose that word to describe my existing in here. But yes. I am not a programmer. I am actually a single entrepreneur.

But does it matter? Finally, the platform says that we can create an application within the components it has. my reproach is not demanding on to create a new component, but the existing components should work as they should.

however, I believe that this platform is not a waste of time. If we are still writing something here, it is because of our belief in this platform.

The development of block programming is a huge effort. The same App Inventor has been under development for more than 10 years, but I can’t say that this platform has been able to go beyond training and become a platform for creating applications.

For the sake of interest, you can look at React Native, which is based on Thunkable X, but you will quickly see that creating applications on it is significantly more difficult, and there are also enough problems there.

I hope that Thunkable X will work more reliably and better.