"onMarkerPress" now crashes my app!

Hi all,

I know how to read out the coordinates from an “onMarkerPress” event in a Map component:
Since some days my app crashes when clicking on a marker. I investigated the event and found out:

  • this works, and there is (along with others) a property “nativeEvent”.

The next one crashes the app, this used to work before:

This must be the reason why fetching the coordinates does not work anymore. Did I miss anything? Or could this be called a “bug”?

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Hi @Michael_Rogulla

Yes it is actually a bug, the map component is not working since last week. I hope they fix it soon, because for my proyect it is essential.



Hi @jonathanvalgarlh4ow,

seems that I forgot to search for the bug on github. Thanks for the hint.

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Here you can find the link of Github post about the topic.
If you could also comment it then we hope the developers focus more to this issue. :slight_smile:


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