Event onCalloutPress versus onMarkerPress

HI all,

I find a problem in the onCalloutPress functionality

On Android using Google Map the event given to you contain a coordinate, which tell you where the callout was pressed.

In Apple using Apple Map this is missing! If you call onMarkerPress, it is there, but it is missing in the event varuiable inside onCalloutPress.

This seems clearly a bug as you have no coordinates to work with…

Hey @henrikhngj5 - we released an update for the Map component yesterday (with some new Map blocks), would you mind creating a new test project to see if you can get this to do what you want now?


It seems the Map extension on Android is a bit inconsistent in it’s behaviour.

As an example, the go-to-my-location button appear sometimes, but most often it does not…

Same thing with the compass - it appear only after rotation.

What about show buildings option, I cannot see any effect of this setting?

Am I the only one seeing this behaviour?

I use a pixel 4, latest OS

I will be happy to hear your experiences.

Just going to group you map-related questions together @henrikhngj5 if that’s ok.

Hopefully the recent update will have resolved this too.

I am also seeing the irregular/inconsistent map buttons (location, navigate using google maps, compass, etc.).