Issues using onCallOutPress map block [May 2022]

Thank you for your response. But onCalloutPress still not work. Can this issue be raised on-top in this case or have to create a new one?

Any body have a recommendation. Welcome for your suggestion, I may did something wrong.

Here is my blocks run onCalloutPress.

Can you first try printing the event to a label component?

Does anything happen?.

With below blocks, the expected result is Label1 should change from json lat/long to target url but it’s not. I think onCalloutPress has no event.

I can confirm this issue. I have escalated this to the team. Thank you for raising this issue.

Yes, unfortunately, the issue with maps persists for me too…

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Is this still an issue? I’m trying to use onCalloutPress and getting no outcome

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We are actively looking into thhis. It should work on android at this time.

It is not resolved yet.


OnCalloutPress still doesn’t appear to work on Android, at least not on a Pixel 4a using the Thunkable Live app. The event is never triggered.



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