Bottom half of screens are invisible

This is a problem with the Thunkable Live App. I’m using a Samsung S6 and S9. No problem with the Design Screen/Preview/Live Test/Web Publish, only the Live App.

I made copies of my project yesterday morning (PDT). All of a sudden multiple copies of my project had TWO screens that lost the display of the bottom half of the screens, all I see is the background color.

I’ve been at this for two days and I can’t find the problem. I made a new screen and copied problem screen design components and blocks from A over to copied screen and it works and displays as it should. However, I made a new screen for problem screen B, and the problem continues. After laboriously copying each block with ctrl-C and ctrl-V, I have the same behavior. I then removed one design component at a time and it just kept shoving the components that were left towards the top. It is acting like there is some component that is trying to use the entire screen, but there is no such component.

Has anyone seen this problem? Two different screens means it can’t be the blocks, the blocks are all different. At one point the screen briefly displayed entirely, but the next time it was back to top half visible and bottom half invisible.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Thunkable Live App and still no joy.

Can someone point to something before I go completely bald from tearing my hair out?


I went back to a previous copy that hadn’t been stepped on. I went forward and re-did some work a bit at a time. The only thing that duplicated the problem had to do with Date and Time components. Don’t ask me how or why it was broken vs. fixed. I’m just happy I can move on.


Hi! Today I faced same problem (on Android Live App). Problem was fixed after reinstall the app.

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