Blocks not displaying

I have a number design tabs however when I go to view blocks only a blank browser page results. Seems similar to this previous post: Thunkable X Not Displaying Blocks


If you want to share your project link @levelupjamdownf3n1 - either here or via PM - I can try fixing the project assets for you.

Hopefully that will work for you.

Here is the project link

Ok @levelupjamdownf3n1 - I’ve done that for your there now

Can you refresh your browser and try again please?

Hi @domhnallohanlon, still not working. Here’s the link i’m trying to get to the blocks:

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Hi @levelupjamdownf3n1
I clicked the link but it said it was deleted or a private project

@choi_beomgyu Thanks for trying to help. It is a private project. I’m relying on the Thunkable staff to solve this one since I believe it’s an issue Thunkable itself. Likely the project is corrupt somehow?


@levelupjamdownf3n1 thanks for letting me know all of mine are public but good to know

@domhnallohanlon this is still an issue. I’m also experiencing other issues with Thunkable. The response from the Community has not proved effective. As a paying customer how can I get timely support with these issues?