BLE with iOS and HC-06

Hello, what happened with the Download iOS option?
I was trying to make an iOS app that uses BLE (it is for a project which involves Arduino Nano and HC-06 module).

As in the following topic is said with eBeacon I can get communication.

Furthermore, in the topic is said that by downloading the app for iOS I should be able to use it and I have seen some tutorials where they successfully do it. But when I try to download iOS the option is not there.

Hi there @venaber, welcome to Thunkable!

You can find out more about the status of downloads for iOS here in this thread.

In short, we have updated our platform to adhere to Apple’s best practices of having developers test apps with their individual accounts. As a result, downloading iOS apps is no longer available. We are exploring opportunities to allow our users to use their own developer certificates to download from Thunkable but we do not have a specific time for implementation of that feature currently.

Hi, thanks for answering

…publish a version of your app to TestFlight…

This is the paid functionality right? and is the only way to use BLE with iOS as with Live app it does not work?

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