Blaze Updates - Web Store and Blaze Now Movies & TV!

This is the first Blaze Updates post ever. This post contains updates on the Web Store and Blaze Now.
Web Store
The Web Store is getting some big updates in this post. We are now allowing new web apps to be published to the Web Store. Thunkable PRO users get a huge advantage in this since it allows them to publish their app to an app store instantly, with no fees.

The Web Store is also soon going to allow third parties to use the Web Store in apps or other launchers made.

Blaze Now Movies & TV
Blaze Now Movies & TV is soon allowing third party shows and movies to Now Movies & TV. You can make your own shows and movies and upload them. You will also get an email with a link to your uploaded video.

This is Blaze Update 1, see you next update!

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