Thunkers, get ready to upload your app to the Blaze Web Store!

(Note: You’ll need Thunkable PRO before uploading.)

Earlier this year, I had announced the Blaze Web Store for all devices with a browser. We’ve taken some time to get the most popular apps on the Blaze Web Store. Before the Web Store is released, we are giving Thunkable users a month to submit any app they have to the Web Store.

When uploading to the Web Store, you’ll get a special, short link to share with anyone. You’ll also get a special tag in the Web Store labeled “Made with Thunkable.”

Ready to upload your app? Here are the instructions:
(Make sure you have a Thunkable PRO account before starting.)

  1. Open the Thunkable project you want to upload.
  2. Go to the top of the page and click “Publish”
  3. Select “Publish web app”
  4. Then select “Get link and publish”
  5. Now copy the link. To make sure your web app is what you want it to be, click the icon next to the “Copy link” button.
  6. Now open this link and complete the form.
    Once completed, we will send you an email about the status of your app.

We hope to see your app on the Web Store!
If you have questions concerning anything Blaze, please email us at


Hey @blaze can I use the preview as responsive web app link because the thunkable pro membership is too costly

Or would the web test be accepted?

Trust me, I’ve tried using the responsive web app link. If it’s used on a device that isn’t logged in to your account, then it will just be blank. If you send a share link to our email, we can turn it into a web app for you.

Thanks so much @blaze!

That’s awesome @blaze


Thunkable pro is too costly, is there any other alternative? Do let me know.