Blank Images when I click next

Screenshot 2024-05-09 154546
I’m creating an avatar app. I’ve made a list for the skin. But when I click the skin button the image goes blank.
This block works on a previous project I did but doesn’t work here. What is wrong

The set picture block has list and list… remove the list block with gear…

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Don’t use this block. Ever. Well, except if you need to initialize a list or set the value of a list.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 8.35.17 AM

Your app variable Skin List is already a list. When you add that block, you create a List of Lists which you want to avoid.

Longer explanation: The blocks you used are going to get the value of the variable which is {“Skin1.png”, “Skin2.png”, “Skin3.png”} and then make a list from it so that would be {{“Skin1.png”, “Skin2.png”, “Skin3.png”}} and then get the app variable index item from that list. So if you get item #1, you’re getting {“Skin1.png”, “Skin2.png”, “Skin3.png”} but if you get item #2, you’re getting a null value since {{“Skin1.png”, “Skin2.png”, “Skin3.png”}} only has one item.

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In my block there is no list with gear

The block I outlined in red above is from your screenshot. You need to remove that block.

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I recreated your block layout w/ some improvements and tried to clarify the “gear” issue.

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