Blank design screen

Has anyone seen this before? I was working on the advanced properties of the main screen in my project when all items on the screen disappeared. I reversed the changes I had made but the design screen remains blank. All blocks appear to be in place. Any idea how I can restore my design screen?

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Also unable to duplicate the project although I dont get an error message or anything useful!

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Open the console and see there.


Nothing in the console and it appears to have “infected” or impacted my backups as well. The same screen is blank on all backups! Help!

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@thunkable_staff Can you help here?

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@jane @domhnallohanlon can you assist?

I finally managed to resolve the issue. I was trying to work out what was causing so many issues with the map component and the display issues so many people have mentioned. I was playing around with sizing options of the map and anything else that might impact it, including the screen properties. I had set the screen sizing property to none. BANG. everything disappears. Set it back to flex and all appears right with the world and my app. Now I can get on with moaning about the Map component not working well enough for a professional looking app. :slight_smile:


NO I didnt fix it after all. Screen is all scrunched up and dont know how to resolve. Anyone know how to cure this?

IN the image above, the thin blue bar at the top of the screen is meant to be 8% of the screen high, the text and strip of map you can see are meant to occupy 70% of the screen and a currently hidden part the final 22%. No idea what is causing this!

Hi there,

I know we resolved this issue in Intercom, but I will share the solution here so that anyone else looking for this info can find it in the Community.

If your Screen is set to Scrollable then it will be as tall as the components within the Screen need it to be. Your components need to have fixed heights (eg. 200px) or a Height of fit contents. If your components have a relative height (eg. 20%) or a Height of fill container, then your scrollable Screen won’t know what height it needs to be to contain all of the components.

If your scrollable Screen is looking at the components to know how tall it needs to be, and your components are looking at the Screen to know how tall they need to be, it can cause layout issues as seen here.

Here are 2 ways to resolve this behavior:

  • Set all of your components’ Heights to a fixed value or to fit contents
  • Set your Screen’s Scrollable property to false

@jane. Life saver!